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Yambol is a historic town and a local health resort based on hot springs that flow here. Its biggest attraction and symbol is the Turkish Bezisten, now turned into an interactive museum.

The city has a very long history going back to prehistoric times, but its steady development began around the 10th century BC in the Thracian era. During the Roman rule and under Turkish occupation, it was a large commercial center and a place known for its hot springs.

Currently, it is primarily a local administrative and industrial center with several thermal baths. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the authorities have been gradually renovating the historic center, which resulted in, among others, creating an interactive museum center and exhibition halls in Bedestan, a Turkish inn and market hall. Other monuments include the Church of the Assumption and the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

In addition to the buildings, a big attraction of Jambół is the rose garden and the Central Park, as well as two museums, the Museum of Military Glory and the Historical Museum.

The hot springs in Jambole are used on a local scale. There are several resorts and hotels with their own swimming pools, there are also public swimming pools with hot water.

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