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Baba Wida Fortress

Local name: Средновековна Крепост Баба Вида

The fortress is the only preserved fortress from the Middle Ages in the country. It was built in the 10th century on the remains of an ancient Roman stronghold. It is nearly 90 m long and 65 m wide. It is surrounded by a double strip of defensive walls reinforced with towers and towers. Currently it houses a museum.

Access to the building was also defended by a moat, 6 m wide and 4 m deep. A drawbridge led to the main gate, nowadays replaced by a solid stone passage. In the Ottoman times, the fortress housed a weapons warehouse and a prison. Until now, in one of the rooms, you can see a collection of torture tools and a preserved gallows.

In the passage between the defensive walls there is a summer theater stage, where local festivals and performances take place. The audience can accommodate 350 spectators.


Attractions inside

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    3703 Vidin , Bulgaria