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Marno Pole Park

Local name: Парк „Марно поле“

The park in the city center is well kept and full of green alleys. There are numerous benches and fountains, a summer cinema, chess tables and a modern playground for children. An outdoor gym is waiting for lovers of exercise. There are also cafes and restaurants.

In the Middle Ages, in the place where the park is located, there was a village that gave rise to the city. Currently, an international folk festival is held here regularly. In summer, performances and other cultural events are also organized on a special stage.

A bust of JV Gurko, the hero of the Russo-Turkish war in 1877-1878, which ended with Bulgaria regaining its independence, was placed on the main alley. The monument was unveiled in 1957.


Attractions inside

    Marno Pole Park map
    5000 Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria