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Holy Mountain Park

Local name: Парк „Света гора“

The picturesque park is located on the slopes of Mount Athos, known as the Holy Mountain and the religious center of the Bulgarian state during the Middle Ages. After modernization in 2016, there are over 6 km of walking and bicycle paths, a modern and colorful playground for children and a special dog playground.

There are several sports fields, a climbing wall and a skate park waiting for sports enthusiasts. There is also outdoor exercise equipment that can be used by both adults and teenagers. From the spacious observation deck you can observe the panorama of the city and its surroundings.

On the slopes of the mountain, there are remains of several monasteries built here in the Middle Ages. They were mostly destroyed during the Ottoman rule. Then the hill was transformed into a park.


Attractions inside

    Holy Mountain Park map
    5003 Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria