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Krushuna Waterfalls

Local name: Крушунски водопади

The series of picturesque waterfalls on the Proinovska River is the country's largest travertine cascade. The main waterfall is about 20 meters high and flows down soft limestone rocks, then dividing into several smaller cascades. They form numerous circular terraces and natural pools filled with warm water.

The cascades are surrounded by lush vegetation that contrasts with the bright color of the water. Along the river there is a hiking trail leading all the way to the Krushuna Cave, where Proinovska begins. There are stairs, bridges and footbridges on the route from which you can conveniently observe cascades, rocks and pools.

You can get to the waterfall on foot from the parking lot in the village of Krushnah. The walk takes approx. 20 minutes. Further, the road to the river source takes another 30-40 minutes. The route is easy and can be done with the children.


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