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Kostenets waterfall

Local name: Костенски водопад

The picturesque waterfall on the Chavcha River is located in the largest Bulgarian National Park Rila. The cascade is just over 10 meters high and is most powerful in spring when the river rises. Lush plants grow all around, and the rocks feature natural grottos and fancy rock formations.

The waterfall is the beginning of the Kostenets gorge through which a hiking trail runs. It is also the starting point for several other tourist routes leading to the higher parts of the mountains. There is a large car park near the waterfall, a restaurant and natural hot springs. There are picnic areas here and several information boards.

Since 1974, the waterfall has the status of a natural monument. In 1917 it was described by Ivan Vazov in his works "What the mountains sing" and "Kostenets - travel notes".


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