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Musala peak

Local name: връх Мусала

The mighty mountain lies in the Rila range and measures 2,925.4 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak both in Bulgaria and in the entire Balkan Peninsula. It is also the seventh highest peak in Europe. According to the legend, the first man to stand on its top was Philip II of Macedon, who lived in the 4th century BC
Numerous hiking trails of varying lengths have been marked out on the slopes of the mountain. There are over a dozen shelters and huts, as well as comfortable cable cars. At the very top, there is a meteorological and research station, which also has a small bar.

The name of the mountain comes from the Arabic language and comes from the times of the rule of the Ottoman Empire in this area. According to one version, it refers to the word "musalla" meaning "place of prayer" or "way to God". According to another version, it comes from the word "musalat", which means "dominant over others." During the Soviet period, from 1949 to 1962, the mountain was named Stalin in honor of the Soviet dictator.


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