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Tsari Mali Grad Fortress

Local name: Цари Мали град

The restored late Roman fortress with the church complex and recreational areas are part of the "Tsari Mali grad" complex. The Romans built a fort in the 4th century on the site of a Thracian sanctuary. It is worth mentioning that the oldest traces of human existence discovered here come from the early Iron Age, i.e. in the 8th-6th century BC

There are permanent museum exhibitions in the two reconstructed towers on the north side. They are dedicated to prehistory, local settlements from ancient times and the life of soldiers at that time. There are also collections of ceramics and numismatics.

The hilltop fortress can be reached by a cable car or a walking route, which usually takes around 20 minutes. The road is easy and pleasant, so it can be overcome with the whole family.


Attractions inside

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    2025 Belcin , Bulgaria