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The In Flanders Fields Museum

Local name: In Flanders Fields Museum

In Flanders Fields Museum is devoted to World War I. Has headquarters in Lakenhalle (Cloth Hall). The name of the museum is the title of the famous poem by Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander McCrae (1872-1918), a Canadian poet and surgeon during the Battle of Ypres. The museum collects and presents hundreds of objects, photos and documents related to World War I, witness accounts and works of art showing the senselessness of war and killing.

The battle of Ypres is particularly widely presented, during which war gases were used for the first time in history. In addition to artifacts, an important place is taken by testimonies (diaries, recordings, works) of participants in historical events - soldiers of World War I, but also many other armed conflicts of the 20th century.

Visitors receive personal identification bracelets at the entrance to the museum. The bands contain a microchip that automatically selects the narrative language. Depending on which part of the exhibition the visitor is currently in, he hears the voice of the appropriate guide.


Attractions inside

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