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Menin Gate

Local name: Menenpoort

Menenpoort (Menin Gate) is a gate in the form of a triumphal arch, on which the names of 54900 British soldiers lost (actually killed) during World War I, whose bodies were not found and identified, were engraved. The monument designed by Reginald Blomfield was erected in 1927. Every day at 20.00 you can hear live funeral bugle call (last post).

The last post tradition has been maintained since 1928 with a break during World War II. It was restored immediately after the soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West entered the city. On the same day, despite the ongoing heavy fighting, the bugle call was played.

To this day, the remains of those killed during World War I are found. If a British soldier is identified, his name is blurred on the Thiepval Memorial in France - a monument to 72246 British missing and killed during World War I. The inscription in Menenpoort remains unchanged.


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    Menenstraat 8900 Ypres , Belgium