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STEM - City Museum Ghent

Local name: STAM - Stadsmuseum Gent

STAM - Stadsmuseum Gent, or the Gent city museum, is a modern institution that inaugurated its activity in 2010. Its goal is to collect historical testimonies and popularize the history of Ghent. One of the biggest attractions of STAM is the 300m2 aerial photo of Ghent, which was placed on the floor of one of the exhibition halls.

Multimedia equipment (visual and sound shades, large-format projections, interactive presentations) allows for attractive stories about the city's centuries-old history. With the View on Ghent multimedia application, you can see what the city looked like in 1534. The modern exhibition halls were connected by a glass corridor with the historic buildings of the Bijloke Abbey. In this part of the museum, the exhibition narrative is based on 300 artifacts.

The beginnings of the museum date back to 1833, when the creation of the collection began. From 1928, the museum was housed in Bijloke Abbey. After the new building was erected, the former collection was expanded to include exhibits from other institutions.


Attractions inside

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    Godshuizenlaan 29000 Ghent , Belgium