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NT theater in Ghent

Local name: NTGent

NTGent schouwburg (Nederlands Toneel Gent, NTG for short) is the city theater of Ghent, existing since 1965. Its seat is the historic Royal Dutch Theater building from the late 19th century. In addition to performances, the theater offers the opportunity to participate in open rehearsals. It is also worth visiting the theater restaurant, which terrace offers a panoramic view of Sint-Baafsplein Square.

The Royal Dutch Theater was founded in 1899 as a permanent stage for Nederlands Tooneel van Gent - a theater group operating in the years 1871-1945. It became the seat of NTG in 1965. In 1987-1993 the building underwent a thorough renovation, which forced NTG to play in rented halls and sports halls.

In 2016, a decision was made to modernize the historic stage in order to adapt it to the requirements of modern theater productions. It was planned, among others replacement of manually operated stage machinery for a fully automated, remotely controlled system.



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Sint-Baafsplein 179000 Ghent, Belgium