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Esterházy Palace

Local name: Schloss Esterházy

Located inside: Eisenstadt Castle Park

Esterházy Palace is the seat of the Esterházy family. It is now partially open to the public. Tourists can see rooms with original, antique equipment and explore the extensive areas adjacent to the palace. Particularly noteworthy is the Empire-Classicist hall and the Haydn Hall. It is richly decorated with baroque ornaments, it is also famous for its excellent acoustics. The palace also houses a wine museum and gift shop.

The permanent exhibition presents items from the Esterhazy collection. The main attraction is the silver tableware and the last known console table from the Venetian studio of Giuseppe Briati. The exhibition also includes an insight into the construction of the palace. Historic walls and floors have been found in some places.

The palace was built at the end of the 13th century as a medieval defensive castle. When in 1622 it became the property of the Hungarian family Esterházy, it was rebuilt into a baroque palace. Defensive functions have been replaced with glamor and attention to comfort.


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Esterházy Palace map
Esterhazyplatz 17000 Eisenstadt , Austria