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Tepelena Castle

Local name: Kalaja e Tepelenës

Ali Pasha's fortress in Tepelena is located in the northern part of the city, in a position that helps protect the city. Historical sources say that the stronghold was built by Ali Pasha himself, an Ottoman magnate who supervised the first stages of the formation of the future pearl of the region. In 1819, Pasha made her the second headquarters in Tepelena, where he lived until 1820.

Tepelena, the birthplace of Ali Pasha, was one of his favorite locations. The castle he built did not have a regular architectural shape, and its walls follow the natural form of the terrain. Three castle towers were to provide additional protection for the fortress and better control of the area. The castle covers an area of 4-5 hectares, and three entrances lead into its interior.

The castle located in the very center of the city attracts tourists wanting to explore its remains and admire the beautiful views from its summit. The castle area is inhabited, which is why the courtyard was divided and single-family houses, which makes the fortress unusual compared to other strongholds.


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