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Skanderbeg's Mausoleum

Local name: Vendvarrimi i Gjergj Kastriotit - Skënderbeut

The Skanderbeg Mausoleum is located in the town of Lezha in northwestern Albania. It houses the former cathedral of St. Nicholas, where in 1468 he was buried Gjergj Kastriotiego, commander and national hero of Albania. Currently, within the walls of the church is a symbolic grave to which Albanian patriots make pilgrimages. The Kastrioti Mausoleum was opened to the public on November 23, 1981.

Skanderberg's tomb is located in the very center of the city. It was opened in the place of the cathedral, which after the capture of the city by the Turks was transformed into a mosque. When Albania was proclaimed the world's first atheist state, the facility was destroyed by the communist authorities.

The memorial tomb of the Albanian leader is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the city of Lezha. 25 shields were placed on the walls of the mausoleum, symbolizing various battles fought by him. Tourists can also admire the replica of Gjergja Kastrioti's helmet and sword. An important souvenir is also his bust. Behind the bust of Skanderbeg is a mosaic of the flag of Albania, which originates from the Kastrioti family.



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