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Knuthenborg Safari Park

Lokaler Name: Knuthenborg Safaripark

The safari park is located on the island of Lolland and is the largest animal park in northern Europe. It is home to over a thousand animals representing 40 different species. Among them are antelopes, bactrian camels, giraffes, rhinos and zebras. There are also aviaries for birds and a monkey grove with baboons, lemurs and tamarins.

One of the biggest attractions in the park is driving through the savannah area by car. During the visit, it is also worth seeing the enclosures for tigers, arctic wolves, buffalo and elk. There is also the Dinosaur Forest, where you can see figures of 15 life-size dinosaurs and pterosaurs up close.

The park also has an amusement park with a water slide, roller-coaster and a sandy 8-meter mountain that can be climbed.


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