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Бастион ткачей

Локальное имя: Bastionul Țesătorilor

The Weavers' Bastion is located in the southwestern part of the Braov Fortress. It has four storeys. Its walls are 4.3 meters thick at the base, and taper to 1 meter at the highest level. The bastion was built and maintained by the weavers' guild, which is why it owes its name.

The construction was carried out in two stages. In the years 1421-1436, the first two levels were built with large openings for firing large-caliber weapons and arquebuses. In the years 1570-1573, higher storeys for small arms were added.

The building is distinguished by its unique architecture, rarely found in fortifications in south-eastern Europe. It has two watchtowers and openings through which hot oil could be poured while defending the fortress. When the city was destroyed in a great fire in 1689, the building was saved almost undamaged, therefore it retained its original form.


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