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Żnin is the historical capital of Pałuki, a picturesque geographic and historical region that includes the surrounding lake district with many valuable monuments. Although the city has over 750 years of history, there are not many monuments in it. However, they are more than compensated by the local museums, especially the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum.

In the Middle Ages, Żnin was the property of the Bishops of Gniezno and an important trade center. The so-called Żnińska Tower, which is actually the town hall tower, which was destroyed in a town fire in the 18th century, has been preserved from this period. Currently, it is one of the branches of the Pałuki Land Museum, which presents the history and nature of this picturesque region. On the other hand, in the former bishops' manor there is the Museum of Sacred Art "Sufragania" presenting collections of sacred art and historic liturgical items.

The biggest attraction of Żnin is the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum located on its outskirts. It is one of the largest facilities of this type in Poland. You can see a dozen or so historic steam locomotives, wagons, as well as railway infrastructure and equipment of former trains and railway stations. Between Żnin and Gąsawa there is also a narrow-gauge Żnińska Poviat Railway, which can take you to the railway museum, as well as to the archaeological open-air museum in the nearby Biskupin.

South of the city is also the Silverado City theme park, a reconstruction of a Wild West town. In addition to the sightseeing itself, it offers the opportunity to participate in shows and workshops, as well as all-day programs for children and adults.

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