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Tychy is a city belonging to the Upper Silesian Industrial District and the Silesian conurbation. They are one of the many industrial cities here. Although they do not have any important monuments, there are several interesting museums related mainly to industry.

The village in the place of today's Tychy already existed in the 15th century and belonged to the owners of the castle in nearby Pszczyna. The first mention of the Książęce Brewery, which also belonged to them, comes from 1629. The existing brewery is the most associated plant with Tychy, next to the passenger car factory. From the 18th century, the steel industry also developed here, and the historic Huta Paprocka is now open to the public.

The biggest attraction of Tychy is the Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce, also known as the Tyskie Browarium. It is an interactive exhibition in a historic brewery about its history as well as brewing traditions and ways of making beer in the past.

The building of the Old Town Hall houses the City Museum, whose branch is the Sport Gallery located at the GKS Tychy Tyska stadium. It presents the profiles of the most important athletes associated with Tychy and the traditions of the local team sports, including football and hockey. The city also has the Museum of Office Machines and the Museum of Miniature Professional Art.

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