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Olkusz is a city that in the past drew its wealth from silver mines and other resources. However, due to the transformation of buildings during the industrial revolution from the Middle Ages, only the collegiate church and the tower which is the remains of the city walls have survived here.

In the Middle Ages, silver was mined in Olkusz from shallow, and thus easily accessible deposits. During the reign of Zygmunt August, the royal mint operated here. The city grew richer at that time. The hall collegiate church of St. Andrew, where you can admire the magnificent late gothic polyptych.

Currently, the main attractions of Olkusz are its museums. There is the only African Museum in Poland. The Museum of Firefighting of the Olkusz Region with its collection of historic fire equipment and vehicles is very popular. In the Regional Museum of PTTK them. Antoni Minkiewicz, you can see exhibitions related to the history of the city and its mining traditions.

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