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Логово Дракона

Локальное имя: Smocza Jama

Расположенный внутри : Косцелисская долина

The Smocza Jama Cave located in the Kościeliska Valley in the Western Tatras is a short tunnel leading right under the Town Hall crash. It has been made available for tourist sightseeing and is one of the attractions of the Krakow Gorge. According to the measurements, the cave is 44 meters long and has a height difference of 18.6 meters.

Smocza Jama is located on the short yellow trail, which is a loop from the Pisana Glade. The section through the cave itself, as well as the exit road from its exit, are a one-way route. To get to the Dragon's Den, you need to complete a fragment of the trail with a ladder and chains. The section inside the cave is also secured with a chain.

As in the case of other rock formations in the Kraków Gorge, the name of the cave also refers to known places in the former capital of Poland - in this case to the grotto under the Wawel Hill, which was to be inhabited by the legendary dragon.


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