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Сарния Скала - 1377 m

Локальное имя: Sarnia Skała - 1377 m n.p.m.

Sarnia Skała is a peak lying between the Białego Valley and the Strążyska Valley. Its height reaches 1,377 m above sea level. There is an intermediate difficulty route leading to the summit. From the top, there is a picturesque view of the panorama of Podhale. From here you can perfectly see the Giewont massif and Zakopane.

Under the rocky top of Sarnia Skała there is a clearing covered with dwarf pine. Many rare species of plants grow here, such as pine trees, leafless pine trees and medlar rowan. There is also bearberry here, which is popular in the lowlands, but hardly grows in the Carpathians.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that in the past the mountain was called Mała Świnica, Świniczka or Świńska Skała. It was also a popular spot among treasure hunters. On some rocks you can still see the signs engraved by them.


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    Сарния Скала - 1377 m карта
    34 похороненный , Польша