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Стрижская долина

Локальное имя: Dolina Strążyska

Strążyska Valley is located at the entrance to the Tatra National Park. It is situated between Dolina ku Dziura and Dolina za Bramką. The entrance to the valley is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level at Droga pod Reglami, which runs from the center of Zakopane. There is a car park at the entrance, and a city bus also runs here.

The valley is covered with forests, but the tops of its steep walls are rocky crags. About 500 m from the mouth of the valley there is the Młyniska clearing, where the TPN forester's lodge stands. Further, in the upper part of the valley in Polana Strążyska, huts and a buffet were built. You can also see a characteristic boulder formerly known as the Sphinx.

Several hiking trails cross the valley, leading, among others, to to the Siklawica waterfall, the Giewont and the Wielka Małołącka Clearing.


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    Стрижская долина карта
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