номер 4 в городе

Краковское ущелье

Локальное имя: Wąwóz Kraków

Расположенный внутри : Косцелисская долина

The Kraków Ravine is a side branch of the Kościeliska Valley, cut into the slopes of the Ciemniak and Upłaziańska Kopa massifs. The entrance to it is located at an altitude of 1040 m above sea level. It is 3 km long, and the tourist trail runs only through the lower part of the gorge - the upper part is strictly protected and inaccessible to both tourists and mountaineers.

The gorge branches out into two parts - Stone Tomanowe and Gully of Thirteen Thirs, with the High Ridge between them. In addition, several smaller gullies and pots depart from it. There are also over 120 caves, 8 of which are over 100 meters long. The bottom of the ravine is dry, but in spring it is often covered with snow.

The name of the ravine refers to the similarity noticed by local residents between the rocky arms running through the Kościeliska Valley and the streets of the Old Town in Krakow.


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    Краковское ущелье карта
    Szlak pieszy żółty Косцелиско , Польша