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Grudziądz is a historic town on the Vistula with many Gothic buildings and town fortifications preserved. Thanks to this, it is on the European Route of Brick Gothic. The city also has brine springs used in the thermal swimming pool complex.

The city was founded on the site of an earlier stronghold at the end of the 13th century. Until the Peace of Toruń in 1466, it was in the hands of the Teutonic Knights. They erected a castle on an escarpment by the Vistula River, of which only ruins with the remains of the Klimek Tower have survived to this day. Due to its strategic location, Grudziądz was fortified and large fragments of defensive walls with the Water Gate and the remains of towers have survived to this day.

Inside the walls, the original urban layout has survived, and on the escarpment on the Vistula River, a unique Gothic Granary Complex, entered on the list of Historical Monuments. There are also historic churches, including the collegiate basilica of St. Nicholas, the construction of which began in the 13th century, as well as a Baroque Benedictine monastery complex built in the Baroque style. Currently, it houses the exhibitions of the Museum in Grudziądz.

The attractions of Grudziądz also include Geotermia Grudziądz - brine pools. It is a thermal bathing area consisting of swimming pools, saunas, biological regeneration rooms and a graduation tower. Another interesting place in Grudziądz is the local Planetarium.

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