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Augusta Raurica

Local name: Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica is the remains of a Roman city and museum near Basel, Switzerland. The archaeological site is the site of the oldest Roman colony on the Rhine. The settlement is almost 2,000 years old and was inhabited by 20,000 inhabitants during its greatest prosperity. The open-air museum collects the most important exhibits found in the city of Augusta Raurica.

The stand can be visited in the vicinity of the villages of August and Kaiseraugst, about 20 kilometers east of Basel. The settlement is one of the best preserved Roman cities located in the north of the Alps. No new city was created on the site of August Rauric, which is why tourists can admire authentic ancient finds, including the Kaiseraugst treasure, household items and buildings.

Archaeological excavations carried out here have discovered an ancient amphitheater, aqueduct, main forum and theater. In the vicinity there are also Roman baths, remains of workshops, a temple and merchant stalls.



Augusta Raurica map
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