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St. John's Church

Local name: St Johannes kyrka

St. John in Malmö was built in the years 1903-1907 according to the design of Axel Anderberg, one of the leading Swedish architects of the time. Its architecture is dominated by the Art Nouveau style with elements of Byzantine art and Rococo, visible mainly in decorative elements.

The church was built of red brick and about 20 different types of stone were used to finish it. The temple is 52 meters long, and the adjoining tower is 60 meters high. Stairs consisting of 230 steps lead to its top.

The decorations inside the church often feature a rose motif, considered a symbol of Christ's martyrdom. You can see here both painted roses and flowers carved in stone and carved in wood. Due to this decorative motif, the church is called the "rose church".


Attractions inside

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    Kapellgatan 6214 21 Malmö , Sweden