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Castle of Xativa

Local name: Castillo de Xàtiva

The castle in Xàtivie is a medieval fortress located on the top of the inaccessible hill Vernisa, whose history dates back to ancient times. The building is an undeniable symbol of the city and bears the status of a national monument. The monumental building impresses with fantastic elements of Valencian Gothic and the non-obvious influences of Islamic architecture. Picturesque gardens with designated picnic areas encourage walks and blissful laziness in the fresh air. From the huge walls, there is a beautiful panorama of the area.

The huge stronghold consists of two smaller castles: the lower 'Castillo Menor' and the upper 'Castillo Minor'. The first of these is the work of the Iber, while the second was created after the Roman Empire occupied these areas. In the 12th century, the fortress was conquered by the Arabs, and its construction changed significantly. Gothic influence was due to the King of Aragon, Jakub I the Conqueror, who in the 13th century occupied the city and expanded the stronghold.

The castle rooms house a museum, whose fantastic exhibition introduces the history and stages of the fortress construction. The armory, chapel and prison were also made available to visitors.

Castle of Xativa map
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