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Teide National Park

Local name: Parque Nacional del Teide

The Parque Nacional del Teide National Park covers the protected area around the highest peak in Tenerife - the Teide volcano. It is the largest and also the oldest volcano in the Canary Islands. In 1898 he received the European Diploma of Protected Areas, and in 2007 he was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Visitors can admire the magnificent landscapes including craters, volcanic chimneys, solidified lava and interesting rock formations. You can also see puffs of smoke coming out of the earth's surface, as well as feel the characteristic sulfuric smell.
The national park is perfectly adapted for tourist purposes. It offers parking lots, a cable car to the top, tourist centers, restaurants, a hotel and a set of walking routes with numerous viewpoints.

You can get to the peak of Teide by booking the date in advance, due to the limitation of mass tourism.


Attractions inside

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