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Loro Park

Local name: Loro Park

The Loro Park zoo is especially known for its many parrot species, which are also presented at special shows. You can also see performances with dolphins, sea lions and orcs. The park also has flamingos, swans, penguins, alligators, monkeys, tigers, meerkats, sloths, iguanas, otters and turtles. An interesting attraction is the tunnel running between the aquarium with sharks. The park also houses an orchid exhibition and a botanical garden. An additional attraction for children is a playground, mini amusement park and a special queue bringing tourists from the city center. There is a 3D cinema in the park. The facility also has an educational function by spreading information about fauna and flora and environmental protection.

Loro Park is a private facility opened in 1972. Its founders were the Kiessling family. Currently, the park covers an area of 135,000 square meters and houses over four thousand parrots of various species. There has been Loro Parque Fundación since 1994, which aims to promote environmental protection and save endangered animal species.


Attractions inside

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Avenida Loro Parque s/n38400 Puerto de la Cruz , Spain