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Science Museum

Local name: Museo de las Ciencias

The Prince Philip Museum of Science was opened in 2000. It is an amazing education center, whose interactive exhibition allows you to learn and understand issues from all scientific fields. Fantastic multimedia stands as well as unconventional presentations and constructions can be found on the surface of over 42,000 m2. Their only task is to learn by playing both children and adults. The symbol of the object is the museum auditorium.

The center is housed in a modern building resembling a dinosaur skeleton. The unique design is the work of an outstanding architect and sculptor from Valencia - Santiago Calatrava. The director and initiator of the founding of the museum is the famous Spanish writer and science promoter - Manuel Toharia.

The building is part of the City of Arts and Sciences - a huge science and entertainment complex with an area of over 350,000 m2, which is called the 'district of the future' by the residents of Valencia.

Science Museum map
Avinguda del Professor López Piñero 746013 Valencia , Spain