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Royal Gardens

Local name: Jardins del Real

The Jardins del Reial public park, also known as the Jardins de Viveros, is a good place to stroll among the greenery without leaving the city center. The remains of the royal palace from the 19th century are an attraction on their territory.

In the spacious park you can see a variety of vegetation from different parts of the world. The most common are banana trees, agaves, citrus trees, cacti, ferns, coconuts, pines, ficus, rhododendrons, firs, palm trees and numerous flower beds.

Gardens have existed here since the 16th century. Initially, they surrounded the Aranjuez palace. Later, the area was a school for agricultural students. In the 20th century, cleaning and landscaping work on the gardens was underway, after which they were put into public use.

Royal Gardens map
Calle de Juan Martorell 646010 Valencia , Spain