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Torres de Serranos

Local name: Torres de Serranos

The Torres de Serranos tower crowns the northern city gate of Puerta de Serranos. This is an example of Gothic construction with Mediterranean influences without clear decorative accents. Originally it had a typically defensive function. Important events from the city's history took place at the gate, e.g. greeting the troops returning to the city. Currently, it is a viewpoint offering a great view of the city panorama. It is also an important point during city celebrations and festivals.

The tower was built in the fourteenth century. City guards were stationed there to protect Valencia against external threats. It was a good observation place, and the thick walls made it impossible to break through the gate. In the 16th century, the tower was transformed into a prison. In the 20th century, works of art transferred from the Prado Museum were stored there.


Attractions inside

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