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Plaza Mayor

Local name: Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor was built on a rectangular plan in the city center. It is surrounded by decorative low-rise buildings with balconies overlooking the square. There are many restaurants, cafes and shops. In the center of the square you can see the monument to King Philip III of Spain. Every Sunday, a market is organized on the square, where you can buy collectors' items and souvenirs. Plaza Mayor is a place often visited by tourists and a popular pedestrian street.

Originally, in the Middle Ages, there was a market outside this city wall. It was not until the 16th century that the square began to perform a representative function. There were public meetings and celebrations of various festivities, followed by theater performances, music performances and corrida. In the 17th century it underwent a reconstruction adapting its character to new functions. The work was carried out by Juan de Herrera and Francisca de Mora and Juan Gómez de Mora.


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