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Mitreo House

Local name: Casa del Mitreo

The house of Mitreo in the city of Merida is a ruin of an ancient Roman residence from the end of the 1st or the beginning of the 2nd century. The area of the house, the layout of the rooms and the preserved elements of the decor suggest that it belonged to an influential and wealthy family.

The house has three courtyards surrounded by columns, around which the rest of the rooms are concentrated. In the southeast corner, a staircase leading to two underground rooms was also discovered. Some wall paintings and mosaics have survived to modern times, the most impressive of which is the so-called a cosmological mosaic, depicting the sky, earth and sea.

During the excavations carried out in the house, objects referring to the cult of the god Mithra were found. It is from him that the modern name of the monument comes from.


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