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Roman Temple

Local name: Templo Romano

The Roman Temple in Cordoba was discovered in the second half. Of the twentieth century during the expansion of the town hall, and its history dates back to the first century. The phenomenal building was probably devoted to imperial worship. The ruins consist of huge foundations and several colossal columns in Corinthian order. Fantastic remains give an idea of the power of Roman Cordoba.

Construction of the temple began during the reign of Emperor Claudius and lasted for over 40 years. Carefully made entirely of marble, the building was one of the most beautiful buildings of the empire. There were more Roman temples in Cordoba, but it is the only site with archaeological evidence.

The present reconstruction is the work of architect Félix Hernández. Fragments of the original elements of the temple have become part of the collection of the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum in Cordoba. One of the preserved columns decorates the Plaza de la Doblas.


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