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Medina Azahara

Local name: Medina Azahara

The palace complex of Medina Azahara are ruins made available to visitors. The object occupied an area of 112 hectares and consisted of three terraced parts. Thanks to the reconstruction, you can imagine the grandeur of the palace's interiors, in particular the throne room. There were rooms for members of the royal family, representation rooms, a patio, a mosque and baths. The spacious palace gardens contained swimming pools, fountains, a birdhouse, a zoo and fish ponds.

The palace was built in the ninth century on the order of the Moorish caliph Abd ar Rahman III to symbolize the power of the Arab state. He served as the royal seat. In the 10th century, the palace was looted and destroyed by the Berber army. The remains of the palace were found in 1911, then unearthed and explored, as well as some restored.


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