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Santa Barbara Castle

Local name: Castell de la Santa Bàrbara

Santa Bárbara Castle is located on a raw, high rock bordering the sea. The castle is surrounded by a park, which in its present shape has only existed since the beginning of the 21st century. The castle courtyard can be reached by elevator from the city level. Visitors can see the remains of the castle and the well-kept garden.

The castle was built around the ninth century for typically defensive purposes. Initially it belonged to the Moors. In the thirteenth century it was reflected by the army under the command of Alfonso X. The name of the castle comes from the name of Saint Barbara, who was the patron of the day on which it was taken over by the Castilian forces.

In the eighteenth century, the building began to be used as a prison. In the second half of the twentieth century, its tourist attractions were noticed and the object was opened to visitors.


Attractions inside

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