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Peninha's Sanctuary

Local name: Santuário da Peninha

Santuario da Peninha is one of the attractions of the Serra da Sintra National Park. The sanctuary, palace and church were built on the slope of a steep hill, so tourists can enjoy the spectacular view of the entire coast. The Peninha Hermitage on the hill has been around since the early Middle Ages, it was also worshiped in the 16th century, and in 1710 a small chapel was erected here.

The object, which became a popular pilgrimage site, was devoted to the honor of the Virgin Mary, who was to appear to the shepherdess. Sailors, especially those who wanted to return safely from their travels, prayed at the sanctuary. The third building built on the hill was a romantic mansion designed by Carvalho Monteiro. Multi-level terraces and decorative battlements are the most important hallmarks of the palace.

The main attraction of the Portuguese Santuario da Peninha are the magnificent views of the coast of the village, Berlengas Islands in the north and Cape Espichel in the south. Both the chapel and the house were built at the highest points of Serra da Sintra, so they are excellent viewpoints.



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