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Cabo da Roca

Local name: Cabo da Roca

Cape Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of continental Europe. It is located in the central part of Portugal in the Sintra - Cascais Nature Park. The coastline here is irregular, jagged, full of rocks and cliffs that create amazing views. There are high waves and strong wind. An interesting trekking path runs along the coast, which allows you to observe the panorama of the area. The landscape is raw with rare vegetation. Watching the sunset over the ocean from Cabo da Roca is very popular among tourists.

On the cape you can see the lighthouse from 1772 and the monument depicting a cross engraved with a quote from Camoes's poetry. At the tourist information point you can purchase a special certificate informing about visiting Cape Cabo da Roca, which is called the "end of the world". Nearby there is a restaurant offering dinners, snacks, desserts and drinks and a souvenir shop.


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