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Penha Garcia Castle

Local name: Castelo de Penha Garcia

It is believed that Penha Garcia Castle was erected by the Knights Templar, on the top where originally the Roman fortress was. Most likely, however, he was put up by the second king of Portugal, Sancho I Colonizer, to protect the border. It is worth climbing the top of the hill to admire the beautiful landscapes and stroll through the historic walls.

It is possible that the castle was given to the Templars over 100 years later, by King Dionysius I. He returned to the hands of the crown in the 15th century, when the order ceased to operate. An interesting legend is associated with the castle, which says that the spirit of the former resident of the stronghold is still wandering its corridors. The nobleman tried to kidnap the daughter of the powerful governor Monsanto and was almost sentenced to death. His daughter's pleas saved his life.

The castle was erected on a hill 684 meters above sea level. Its remains are the hallmark of Penha Garcia and an important point on the tourist map of Portugal.



Penha Garcia Castle map
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