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Water Park Koszalin

Local name: Park Wodny Koszalin

Koszalin Water Park is a modern center of sport and recreation. It consists of six pools including two outdoor pools. They are equipped with slides, sunbeds, water massage, and other water attractions. The vast offer contains the Sauna Zone with baths, saunas jacuzzi, and Scotch douche. Additional attractions are salt and ice caverns.

Internal pools are divided into swimming, recreational, pool for swimming lessons, and paddling pool. The last one is equipped with water toys and slides for children which are also available in the external pool. The playground is also there. Thrills are provided with large slides such as Multimedia, Turbo, or Anaconda.

Thanks to the modern system Daisy, the water contains a minimum amount of chlorine and remains crystal clear at the same time. Because of that, the park is friendly for people with allergies.


Attractions inside

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    Rolna 1475-436 Koszalin , Poland