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Goethe Pavilion

Local name: Pawilon Goethego

The round, gloriette-like building in the Ancient Greek style is part of the small architecture of the city park. The decoration of the structure consists of two Doric style columns and surrounding greenery, imitating a sacred grove. In the interior stood the image of JW Goethe, which replaced the original sculpture. The rotunda looks particularly impressive at dusk, because the Goethe sculpture placed on a special pedestal is highlighted.

The concrete pavilion with a tin roof dome was built in 1910 as a monument dedicated to the great German poet. The designer of the building was the architect of Głogów Wilhelm Wagner. The interior of the building was a place for the bust of the artist JW Goethe by Christian Daniel Rauch.

The stylish building was seriously damaged during World War II, and the building's severely damaged construction for many years was in danger of collapsing. At the end of the 20th century, the building was revitalized, restoring its original character. Unfortunately, the writer's sculpture found inside was lost during the war, which is now being replaced by a replica made by a citizen of Głogów, an amateur sculptor Roman Mordas.



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67-210 Głogów, Poland