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Szyndzielnia gondola lift

Local name: Kolej gondolowa na Szyndzielnię

The gondola lift to Szyndzielnia allows you to get to the top of the mountain in just 6 minutes, from where numerous hiking and cycling routes run. The route is 1,800 m long and runs steeply between the top of Kołowrot and the hills of Dębowiec and Cuberniok.

The journey takes place in modern, 6-person gondolas, and while driving, you can observe the picturesque panorama of the entire Bielsko-Biała. The upper station is located at an altitude of 959 m above sea level. Next to the new building there is an old station, which now houses a waiting room, a buffet and an exhibition of gondolas and wagons used in the years 1953-2016.

Next to the station there is also an observation tower with a platform located at a height of 18 m. From it you can admire the view of the Beskid Mały, Śląski and Żywiecki as well as Babia Góra, Pilsko and the Tatra Mountains. A telescope with a magnification of 25 times is installed on the tower.


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