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Buskerud is located in the south-east of Norway and attracts tourists primarily with its magnificent landscapes, nature and ski resorts.

The capital of the region is Drammen, a thriving winter sports center and according to rankings one of the best places to live in Norway. Among the places worth visiting, here is built around 1200 the oldest stone church in Norway, a gallery of contemporary art in a former factory and the oldest Norwegian brewery Aass.

The majority of towns and population of the district are concentrated in its southern part. The further north the terrains are more wild and the landscape gets mountainous. There are vast plateaus and bare mountains covered only with shrubs. Between them, the waters of streams and glacial lakes shine. In the vicinity of the Lobby, some of the mountains are covered by the protected Hallingskarvet National Park, which also extends beyond the region's borders.

The small towns of Buskerud are a real mine of historic buildings. Here you can see several medieval stave churches, including in Torpo, Hol and Uvdal, the romantic hunting lodge Fridheim near Krødsherad or small open-air museums in Hol and Ål.

Buskerud can also boast of several interesting museums. there are here The Krøderen Railway Museum, the historic silver mine in Saggrenda and the historic Fossesholm Herregård Palace with exhibitions presenting the daily lives of the owners.

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