FLEVOLAND tourist attractions

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Flevoland is a province in central Holland, located above the polders built in the 1980s. It is a land of swamps, wet meadows and small towns that have retained their traditional character.

In the past, the province was largely flooded with water. After the construction of the polders, it was partly drained, but in return an unusual, fascinating land of wetlands and meadows, where numerous species of water birds live in the thickets. This area is under protection of the New Land National Park.

The province's jewel is Schokland, which was once an island and is now part of the polder. There are green meadows where herds of sheep and cows graze and traditional farms.

The famous village of Flevoland is the fishing village of Urk. There is a port, a lighthouse and a heritage center of the region. You can also buy fresh fish directly from fishermen, and taste fish dishes in restaurants.