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King Nikola's Palace

Local name: Dvorac Kralja Nikole

The nineteenth-century palace of King Nicholas is one of the most important monuments of the city of Bar. It consists of two buildings - a large and smaller palace, as well as a chapel, ballroom, guardhouse and garden in which you can admire the rich Mediterranean vegetation. Currently, there is a museum that presents royal and noble costumes, furniture, collections related to the history of the city and ethnographic collections.

The palace was built in 1885, right on the seafront. Its architect was Josip Slade. Initially, it was the summer residence of King of Montenegro Nicholas I Petrovic-Niegosz and his family. Later, the king gave it to his daughter, Princess Zorce, and now it is a state building.

The monument is well preserved and basically unchanged since its inception. Only the wooden bridge for the boat disappeared. In addition to performing a museum function, the building also hosts many festivals and cultural events.


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