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Beach Għar Lapsi

Għar Lapsi, or the Grotto of the Ascension, is a small bay, separated from the open sea by rocks. It is a kind of natural pool with transparent water and an interestingly shaped bottom. It is a quiet place for swimming, snorkeling and diving. There is no beach in Ghar Lapsi - it is replaced by concrete terraces that make it easier to descend from the cliff to the bay. There are several dining options in the area.

Ghar Lapsi is a place recommended for swimming and sunbathing to all those who do not require a sandy beach. The waters of the bay are popular among divers due to the varied bottom covered with boulders, numerous caves and a 200 m long coral reef. The cliffs around the bay are also great for climbing.

From Għar Lapsi you can go to the Blue Grotto (about 1 km) or visit the nearby temples of Mnajdra and the archaeological site of ġaġar Qim, where megalithic objects from the 3rd millennium BC have been preserved.


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