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Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall is a large 14th century mansion on the Hook Peninsula, known as the most haunted place in Ireland. It is currently open to the public. The interactive tour with a guide takes approximately 45 minutes. Visitors learn about the history and legend of Loftus Hall. There is also a café and gift shop on site.

The legend surrounding the residence is related to the administrator's daughter, Anna Tottenham, who came with her father to Loftus Hall in 1666. In the absence of the owners, a mysterious man with whom the young woman quickly fell in love was supposed to appear in her. One day it turned out that he had a hoof instead of a leg. On leaving the house, the man who was supposed to be the devil himself left a mark on the roof that is said to be seen so far. Anna herself waited for his return until death, and when she died, her spirit began to return to the residence. He was reportedly seen even in 2011.


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