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Suðurnes is a small region in southwestern Iceland. It covers the Reykjanes Peninsula, and within it is the country's second largest city, Keflavik.

Compared to other regions of the country, Suðurnes is very densely populated. Iceland's inhabitants live here the most, next to the capital city of Reykjavik. Keflavik, which is the center of the region, doesn't have much to offer tourists, but it is a great base to explore the attractions of the area.

The most famous of them is the famous Blue Lagoon, an open thermal swimming pool located in a seismically active area. Its name comes from the color of the water. It is the most popular such place in all of Iceland.

A large part of the peninsula is occupied by the Reykjanesfólkvangur reserve, with the Kleifarvatn lake with its bare, dark banks and the geothermal zone. In the southern part of the reserve there are the Krýsuvíkurberg cliffs, on which numerous bird species have their refuge. The Valahnúkur cliffs lying outside the reserve are also very spectacular.

Geologically, the southwestern part of the peninsula is already in North America. The Miðlín Bridge was moved between the continental plates visible here, which is one of the most important attractions in the area.

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